Sunday, February 10, 2013

my ikea room

ta-da! say hello to my new ikea bedroom.
it's nothing to get too excited about, but i really like it.
i found this great place for rent on craigslist, that fulfilled all my 'requirements', and more.  i only had to buy the furniture for my room since my roommate had fully furnished everything else.

i mulled over furniture selection quite a bit, and in the end, ikea just won every time.  i tried to be as minimalistic as possible, but still extremely functional.  

one of the first things i bought before i even moved in was the ceiling lamp.  every rental i have ever lived in has lacked a built in ceiling light, and i have often tried to get by with a side standing lamp, which i've never liked.  i actually had this very same light in my boston apartment, and decided that i liked it enough to buy again.  it diffuses light so much better than a free standing lamp could, and since i spend a lot of time in my room, i consider it a solid decision.  and really, while having the long cord stretch across the ceiling and down the wall is not the prettiest, i think it's totally worth it.  

i already knew that i wanted most of my furniture to be white.  i considered several bed options, keeping in mind the importance of under bed space for extra storage.  i nearly went with the simple bed frame at west elm, but realized that i wanted a headboard, so i went with the nordli.  i talk about the nightstand in depth here, and it's also featured on ikea hackers

my craft area on one side of the room.   since i have a roommate now, so i have to keep my craft space within my bedroom.   it's a smaller version of what i used to have in boston, but this time with a glossy tabletop instead of matte.  in theory i would love a larger workspace, but i didn't want to clutter the room.  i almost went with a different desk, but i decided having a deep table that fits my cutting mat was essential.  

i intentionally arranged my furniture so i can have enough floor space to do pilates.  it is just barely enough space for my short legs to flail about without hitting something.  i don't love having my bed against the wall, especially since i'd prefer it if i could have a second nightstand, but it's still an acceptable set up.

the other side of my room, with more ikea furniture (plus the tv i got for christmas!).  my dresser has two very spacious drawers, with more than enough space for my needs.  i was pleased that my shelf fit perfectly between the wall and the door, and it only cost $20. 

it was somewhat of a struggle to decipher between my wants and my needs, but in the end, i think i came out okay.  every time i have the urge to paint my walls or buy more items, i sternly remind myself that i live in a potentially short-term rental and that i am still sans-job.   

i am considering ideas for diy wall decor, but we'll see about that!  

happy chinese new year to everyone celebrating!  my celebration involved a mostly failed attempt at making chinese new year glutinous rice cake.  i intended to post the recipe today, but as it was so sadly unsuccessful, i opted for this instead. 

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