Wednesday, February 27, 2013

hug a narwhal

because narwhals are better than unicorns.

i've never quite understood the fuss about unicorns, when there is a far superior and NON-mythical animal with a fancy horn in existence.   i mean, whales are already more awesome than horses... add a long spiral horn, and really, how is this even a competition?  truly, i am stumped.

i am not sure what triggered this idea initially.  it was some conversation many, many moons ago with my bff- these days, bffbf-  that inspired me to come up with the slogan 'hug a narwhal' and 'better than a unicorn' accompanied by a simple drawing of the neglected animal.

i felt compelled to turn them into t-shirts.
and that's how i came to learn how to screen print (the photo emulsion method), but not before i over-burned my image on to the first screen and had to start over.  that made me pretty cranky, but once i made a successful screen and test print, i created this.

i realize it's a silly t-shirt, but i was pretty excited.  i also made myself a long sleeved t-shirt to putter around the apartment in.  i forgot to take a picture.

i went on to buy another screen (which, btw, michael's craft stores no longer carry, something i had to learn by driving all around san diego. i eventually bought one off of amazon.) to make version two.

i  gifted these to my foxy model along with chocolate malt sandwich cookies.  they were delicious.  i accidentally ate half the batch a few. 

i found the instruction booklet in my speedball screen printing kit a bore, but found this tutorial by lilblueboo very helpful.   if you're interested in screen printing for the first time, i suggest you take a look there first.  if you don't really feel like collecting all those supplies, you can leave out the glass and get away with not using pushpins.  i just taped my transparencies on the screen instead of placing glass on top and it worked fine, and while the pushpins are helpful, they are not all that necessary.

so, i have to know- what do you think is better? the unicorn or the narwhal?


  1. Unicorns are for sissys or should that be sissies?

  2. that's hilarious, i love the shirts!

  3. Hahaha love it! You have enlightened me - I had no idea what a narwhal was. And the next thing I saw after reading this post was this:

    1. haha that's pretty funny. hope you're doing well, blake! so nice of you to stop by.

  4. I love the narwhal drawings, but UNICORNS FOREVER!! (=



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