Wednesday, January 26, 2011

sweet bora bora

ah. sweet bora bora. initially i had doubts over the island- surely, the beauty must be much exaggerated? surely, the waters aren't really that blue?

wrong. and wrong again.

yes, bora bora really is that beautiful. and yes, the waters are that blue. my photos hardly do it justice. we stayed at the st. regis, which was luxury and beauty through and through. this is hardly our normal traveling style, but let me tell you, it certainly is something i could get used to...

Monday, January 17, 2011

snorkeling in moorea, french polynesia

aside from our honeymoon and a few short weekend trips around the texas coastline, we never go on 'beach vacations'. but after a year of travels full of activity, where i often found my physical limits stretched (allthough, don't get me wrong, i usually had a blast)  i thought perhaps it was time for one.  so, as i mentioned two posts ago, for the last holiday of 2010, we went the relaxing and luxurious route, and found ourselves in beautiful french polynesia.

we spent the first three days in moorea, and filled our time with relaxation and snorkeling. snorkeling may very well be one of my top favorite activities of all times. we snorkeled everyday, sometimes twice, and it was always difficult to tear ourselves out of the water. it never failed to amaze me that all i had to do is float and put my face into the water to see a whole different world, teeming with life- and when i lifted my head, it was just gone.

Saturday, January 8, 2011

runaway elf!!

MISSING: small christmas elf
physical description: adorable smiling finnish elf in red, donning a traditional red pointed hat.  he is approximately 2.5 inches tall (to the tip of his hat). he enjoys the smell of spruce trees and sipping mexican hot chocolate. 

last seen: hanging out on the christmas tree with his other elf buddies.  he went missing while all the others were preparing for their 11 month hibernation. elf in question most likely ran away, grieved by the idea of once again leaving his happy christmas home, however, elf-napping is also highly plausible. 

please contact me, clearlytangled, should you run across an elf fitting this description.  it is likely he is enroute to the arctic circle in finland, where santa lives, and christmas trees are up year round.  he answers to the name, "tonttunen".  his safety is of utmost importance!!!

Thursday, January 6, 2011

hello, 2011

we were one of the last people to welcome 2011, on the beach in the middle of the pacific in french polynesia.  it was the perfect way to end 2010 and begin 2011. i hope your year started off with a bang (a good one)!


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