Tuesday, September 10, 2013

making it all fit

as i mentioned in my previous post, we started with only two dining chairs.  we may purchase at least one more in the future, but for now, i decided to purchase a set of stools that would be useful for guests.   i wanted chairs that could be kept out in the open, but still small enough to prevent cluttering our space.  

i immediately thought of the three legged, stackable alvar aalto stool:

but at $260 a stool, there was absolutely no way i could even consider buying one, let alone four.       

my second thought was the ikea frosta stool, but unfortunately for me, it turns out they sell it at pretty much every ikea in the world except the u.s.  bummer. 

amazon ended up saving the day for me (hooray for amazon), and i was able to buy a set of four for about $75.

i tucked two in the corner underneath the kitchen counter.  another went to the bedroom, and the last by our shoe bins.  

totally space efficient and functional.  they may not be the best quality, but they are perfect for our current needs.

Monday, September 2, 2013

almost there

the walls in the bedroom, living room, and kitchen are painted.  the red concrete bedroom floor mopped no less than five times and covered with flor tiles.  the master closet carpet deep cleaned.    

we've moved the placement of the couch three or four times and moved the chaise from the left side to the right side.  we've gone back and forth on whether to keep the dining table fully or partially expanded.  

we are 99% unpacked and 99% furnished.  i suppose you can say we ran out of steam for the last 1%.  the likelihood that we will be at 100% by the time we move out is 99%.  

as we found ourselves close to being completely furnished, we found ourselves in danger of cluttering our rather spacious apartment.   we still wanted an end table and we needed more than two dining chairs.  due to our set up, there isn't a great deal of space for a end table, so we searched, with only mild gusto, for a c-table.

most tables we found were the wrong price point, poor quality, or wrong height.  i was about to lose interest in the idea when my friend k- mentioned her stepmother had recently purchased one at world cost market for a very reasonable price, with a solid wood table top and wrought iron legs.  at the time it was even on sale for $59.99, and i also happened to have a 10 dollar off coupon i received in the mail.  we were sold.  it works perfectly in our space.  


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