Tuesday, May 25, 2010

a nice slap on the ear

as we find ourselves facing june, i can't ignore the looming texas summer any longer. the heat. the humidity. the utter nastiness.... causing me to experience an overwhelming amount of reverse homesickness for finland, and finnish treats, of course. i suggested to the husband that we take a stab at making korvapuusti (a finnish pastry reminiscent of a cinnamon bun), and he was immediately on board. roughly translated, korvapuusti means "slap on the ear".  this is a very common sweet bread that you can find easily in a grocery store, either in the bakery section or the frozen food section in finland. it is also easily found in cafes, pretty much everywhere in the country (as far as i have seen, at least). korvapuusti is part of a larger, more general term for sweet breads, pulla, which can either be similar to the korvapuusti, or more closely resemble what americans consider 'danishes'.
it was my first time working with yeast, and the results weren't too shabby.

Thursday, May 20, 2010

marimekko unikko tote giveaway winner

the winner of the marimekko unikko tote bag is....

congratulations, erin!  i will be contacting you to get your mailing information.   thank you to everyone else for entering. perhaps you'll be the winner next time.

Friday, May 14, 2010

ironing board cover tutorial

i have always wondered about the history of ironing. who came up with this painful chore? who decided that having nicely pressed clothes was a necessity? probably someone with too much time and money. regardless, i loathe this person.

like the average person, i hate ironing.  i can't count the number of times i have accidentally burned myself...or ironed my clothes only to discover that they look even worse than they did pre-ironing. so to be perfectly honest, i rarely iron my clothes, and when they really need ironing, often the husband steps up and kindly does it for me. he is much, much better at it than i am.

but even with my active avoidance of clothes ironing, i still spend an exorbitant amount of time standing over my board. you can't escape ironing when you're a sewer; it just can't be avoided. it must be done. because of all this time i spend with my iron and ironing board, i decided to make a new ironing board cover. i was tired of looking at the ugly, semi- burned mess all the time.  besides, what better way to make a terrible chore a little more tolerable?

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

marimekko unikko tote GIVEAWAY

back in january, i posted about my trip to a marimekko store in finland. one of my prized purchases was this large bag, below.


the bag came out to be about 110 usd, which was a hard amount for me to swallow. but, since i had received a couple of gift cards for christmas, i decided to go all out.  i love the color scheme of this bag, with the pink and red boldly sitting against a black background.

recently, while i was doing some fabric research online, i came across another bag with this pattern in my image results. 


"how cute!" i thought. i immediately investigated further.  turns out, this tote bag is being sold at avon.com for a small fraction of what i paid for my other tote above (albeit, this one is smaller).  apparently, marimekko partnered up with avon last fall to create this color scheme for avon's breast cancer crusade. look, it's reese witherspoon sporting the bag (i had no idea she was a honorary chairman).

what was a girl to do? i couldn't possibly pass up such a great offer. so, i promptly bought... a couple. a few. several. okay, okay, i bought a LOT.  it's for a good cause right?  other people in my life would love them as gifts, right? plus, i could always use a couple more totes myself (can you really have too many totes?).  and surely... surely, one of my readers would love one. 


do you want one?

because i am giving one away. to you! well, maybe.  if you're lucky.  are you feeling lucky?
to enter the giveaway to win one marimekko - avon tote, you have the opportunity of up to 3 entries:

entry 1: follow my blog + leave a comment to inform me (if you are already following, leave a comment stating so)
entry 2: leave a comment on this entry (tell me, do you like marimekko?  own anything designed by them?  are you brave enough to carry around a bag with giant red and pink poppies on them?)
entry 3: blog about this giveaway, and leave me a 3rd comment + link me to the post
make sure you leave a way for me to contact you on your entry/entries!

this giveaway is open until midnight, wed, may 19th, central time. open to u.s. and canadian residents only!
1 winner will be chosen via random.org on thursday, may 20th.

Friday, May 7, 2010

stylish at one

remember the baby kimono shirt i made a few weeks ago, for my friend olivia's baby? well, for you ladies reading, hold on to your uterus- because your maternal clock is going to go haywire after you see these pictures olivia sent me last week of emily modeling... and i'm not even a baby person.

you definitely want to click on the link below to see the rest.

Monday, May 3, 2010

free mother's day card download

mother's day is just around the corner. have you sent your cards out yet? 

if not, it's okay, i've got you covered.  you can download one i designed here

when printing, make sure to set the page scaling options to "none" under print settings. cut using the lines as a guide, and then fold in half. the card should be 5"x7" when finished.
please note that the gray text on the document is a watermark, and will not appear when you print.

feel free to share this on your blog or email, etc., but please only share the link to this post, and do not directly send the file itself.

Saturday, May 1, 2010

the coffee time menu

happy may day!
in my last post, i babbled about our last coffee time, and promised you details on the menu. i am here to deliver that promise. be warned. this is going to be long.

we served the following:
coffee and tea
finnish chocolates
white chocolate + lemon- orange cake
flourless chocolate cake (which became a flourless chili chocolate cake but you couldn't taste the chili, really)
zucchini + goat cheese muffins
ham + cheese crisps


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