Friday, March 21, 2014

a little hut paper quilt collection

while searching for more items that my silhouette could cut, i stumbled across this set of boxes/ paper wall art from a little hut.  several of these fit in nicely with my style preferences, and a few of them even resemble some of my own designs (particularly the second one down on the right).

i purchased her paper quilt collection (a file set of nine), and spent an afternoon cutting, scoring, and taping before putting them above the mantle. the silhouette is actually pretty slow! 

i didn't realize what a pain accurately spacing them out would be.

despite my best efforts, they still appear a little askew-- partially because of the slight curving on the sides of the "boxes".  i decided i don't care.

overall, i'm pleased with the look, and since they were so inexpensive to make, i can always change them out for something else later or make some alterations as i see fit. i'm already contemplating removing my least favorite ones! 

they can also be used as gift or storage boxes, so it's likely i will cut more in the future for those purposes.  

Friday, March 14, 2014

naturebox review two

it was raining demonically when i came home and discovered several sopping wet packages on my doorstep, two which were from nature box.  two?  yes, two.  

mystified, i brought them inside and immediately peeled away the mushy cardboard and found six identical snack packs in both boxes.  six? yes, six.  we randomly received an extra snack (normally a box comes with five) without explanation.   both boxes came with a slip with my name and the same order number.  it appears they may be having some processing issues.  lucky us.

this time we received the following:
homestyle cheddar mix
praline pumpkin seeds
seaweed rice pops
lemon meringue waffles
bbq kettle kernels
honey crunch crisps (the bonus pack)

the hands down winner in this box was the praline pumpkin seeds.  these were really delicious and pretty addictive. we almost finished an entire bag in one sitting.  the honey crunch crisps also ended up being really yummy, so i definitely appreciated it's mysterious appearance in our order.  

the rest of them were fairly good, although i felt that the bbq kettle kernels could use more bbq flavor, and the homestyle cheddar had a strange consistency.  we also wished that the seaweed rice pops were completely savory-- they had a slight sweetness to them that we didn't expect or want.  the lemon meringue waffles were very light but a decently strong lemon flavor.  

we have one more box coming and then we'll have to decide if we want to continue the service.  i'm generously relinquishing my reign of control and allowing bffbf to choose all five snacks for our final shipment.  so kind, i know.


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