Tuesday, June 21, 2011

craft room revealed

one of the challenges and annoyances i've discovered as a renter is dealing with furniture.  it's hard to find pieces that are versatile enough that will fit in the next space, and even worse, hard to keep furniture in good shape after it's been moved from apartment to apartment. inevitably, things get dinged up, and once nice looking chairs and tables start looking pretty grungy.   nearly all the furniture we actually brought to houston suffered cosmetically and/ or structurally.

because of this, i have been generally hesitant to purchase expensive or long-term furniture.  with this most recent cross-country move, we decided to sell about half of our furniture on craigslist, and put the money toward our joint craft/office room.  the goal was to create a completely white space (please humor me and pretend the walls you see are stark white and not cream- our landlord didn't want us to paint) that was inexpensive, functional, and minimalistic.

don't mind the messy boxes.

after several trips to ikea (three cheers for ikea!!) and home depot, my side of the room slowly came together. two table tops form a L so i have plenty of space for sewing, serging, cutting, and occasionally computing.   most of my essential supplies are hanging conveniently on the white peg board, and i keep other supplies in the drawer unit and the cabinet under my table surfaces. you can't really see it, but i also have a three drawer sterlite container where i keep a half of my fabric stash (the other half is in the closet).   directly across the room from the pegboard are more shelves, and a cabinet to store more supplies.   technically i could use more storage space, but so far this has worked out really well.

a closer look at the use of my drawers.  
they're pretty deep, and hold quite a bit.  the insert/divider is also from ikea. 

the other cabinet. 

here is a break down of the pieces/prices i purchased to complete the craft room, if you are interested in replicating any part of it:

vika amon tabletop 48 3/8" X 24 1/4"- 19.99
vika amon tabletop 59 3/8" X 30 1/8" - 39.99
vika curry legs (4) - 3.50
vika alex cabinet - 49.99
vika alex drawer unit - 79.99
jules swivel chair - 39.99*
antonius shelf (2) - 5.00
ekby jarpen (2) - 9.99 (not entirely sure about this one)
shelf bracket (8) - .50 (not found on ikea website)
effektiv cabinet frame -80.00
effektiv base legs - 40.00
effektiv doors - 65.00
peg board - about $20, all materials from home depot

total: approx 483.00, spending just a little more than the amount we made off of the furniture we sold before we moved.

*i think the price may have gone up on, i feel like i only paid $30 for it.

while some of the pieces i purchased are clearly not the highest of quality, they are certainly sufficient for apartment living!!

what does your dream craft room look like?  


  1. I wish I had my own craft room!

    Just discovered your blog, would love it if you stopped by mine sometime.

    Andrea x

  2. Oh yay!! I love home offices and craft rooms :) It looks so fabulous!



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