Wednesday, February 20, 2013

grey lotus root [not shower] curtain

i thought i could get away with my room mostly as is, but i was wrong, because turns out i had to make curtains.

i really didn't want to.

you see, the vampire in me has an extreme aversion to light when i'm sleeping.   while i love sunlight during all other waking moments, it is a huge no-no during slumber.   i tried hard to just live with the flood of light coming through my window every morning.  i would smash my face into my pillow.  hide under the covers.  pull a t-shirt over my face.  but none of it was working for me.   i suppose getting out of bed would have been an option, but considering one of the few perks of unemployment is sleeping in, i want to milk it as long as i can.

i have made many sets of curtains over the years.  all of which i either no longer own, or didn't bring to san diego.  not that they would have necessarily worked in my room anyway.   i didn't want to spend too much money on making or buying new ones, considering the fate of the old ones.  so i examined my fabric stash and found a few yards of my grey lotus root fabric that i had purchased ages ago with the intention of making a shower curtain for the second bathroom in boston.  that obviously didn't happen.

i was not ready to let go of the idea of turning this fabric into a shower curtain in the future.  because my window is conveniently not that large, i decided to go ahead and make it the curtain so that it could fit both the window now and repurpose it as a shower curtain later on.

i pieced it together with a strip of the white fabric that had been patiently waiting around with the lotus root fabric and lined the back with some black out curtain material i purchased from joann's.  with a coupon, this is significantly cheaper than buying a ready made blackout curtain.  i made the curtain the same size as my current shower curtain 72"x72".

when my window curtain is ready to become a shower curtain, i intend on cutting off the blackout curtain (or i suppose i could leave it there), and creating button holes along the top to put in the shower rings.  maybe one day i'll switch my current shower curtain with the lotus root curtain.  now that's an idea.

now i have the opposite problem, where i find it really hard to get out of bed because it's so nice and dark in my room when it's time to get up!

do you have a problem with sleeping with sunlight seeping in, as i do?


  1. That looks so pretty! And I'm glad to know about the blackout curtain material from Joann's -- I also HATE light in my room when I'm sleeping. I used to use really thick velvet-looking curtains from Ikea, but my current bedroom has plantation blinds, so curtains don't really work in there.

  2. That looks great! I also cannot sleep with any lights on, which is one of the many reasons I love living in the country since it's always dark...except once the sun rises. Thanks for the idea of the blackout curtain material! I didn't even know that existed.

  3. You weren’t able to use that shower curtain before, but at least you still came up with an idea of where you can efficiently use it. I love the design especially its lower part. It blends perfectly with the other fixtures in the room. It looks so soft and comfortable as well.



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