Tuesday, October 18, 2011

crate and barrel marimekko store

crate and barrel has had a long partnership with marimekko, and every season i peruse their current line being produced just for cb clientele.  last year i heard that they were planning on opening cb marimekko STORES in select cities, one being new york (of course).  i immediately put it on my wish list of places to visit.

i finally made my way to new york recently (and really, what took me so long? it's only about 4 hours away, and if you're really really lucky you can get a $2 round trip bus ticket) and one afternoon, while wandering around soho, i found myself standing right in front of crate and barrel with marimekko plastered all over the windows. by found, i mean gps-ed my way there intentionally.

was i excited? you bet i was. walking inside, i realized that the marimekko store was within the crate and barrel store, and was very much like the individual stores you'd find in finland.

so bright and colorful. 

little did i know then, they also opened a cb marimekko store in boston, so i did not have to wait until new york.  oh well.

611 Broadway
New York, NY 10012

Sunday, October 9, 2011

on my way to becoming a new englander

it appears that one of the steps toward becoming a new englander is to go apple picking in the fall.   we visited shelburne farms, which is about an hour outside of boston.  we enjoyed apple cider and donuts, and brought home something like twenty pounds of apples.  the varieties included fuji, cortland, and mcintosh. 

on site they also had a cute little shop where you could purchase all kinds of apple and farm products.  

what kind of activities do you like to do in the fall in your neck of the woods?  


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