Monday, April 28, 2014

naturebox review three

this review is long overdue-- as are many of the entries i have lined up in my head.  i've been unfortunately plagued by back to back sickness for the past month and just haven't had the energy to post! 

this was the last box in our subscription, and it was time to decide whether or not to continue the service month-to-month, buy another package, or nix it altogether.   

i was going to let bffbf pick the contents of this box, however, he totally forgot, and i ended up choosing them all right before our box was shipped out.   i opted for one repeat item and four new ones:

oat bran dippin' stix 
toasted cheddar stix
lemon tea biscuits
honeycomb sunflower kernels
guacamole bites 

the oat bran dippin' stix was the repeat item, so obviously we liked it a lot.   the toasted cheddar stix actually taste just like the oat bran dippin' stix with a slightly cheesy flavor, and really salty.  too salty.    the lemon tea biscuits were pretty good, and taste like tiny lemon shortbread cookies. a few were more than enough to satisfy a snack craving.   the honeycomb sunflower kernels were lightly sweet and tasty as well (although not as good as the praline pumpkin seeds from our previous box).   i really enjoyed the guacamole bites, but it had the same issue as the toasted cheddar stix-- wayyyyyyy over-seasoned.   

ultimately, we decided not to continue the service.  i was more on the fence about it than bffbf was, but in the end, the snacks just weren't good enough to warrant a box every month.   while i mostly liked the snacks that we received,  they were often overpowering in flavor or totally under-seasoned.  and really, most importantly, even with bffbf's help, i have trouble consuming all the snacks every month.  i'm just not that big of a snacker, and i found myself snacking more just to get through them to clear out the pantry! 

although this wasn't the right service for me/us, i definitely think it's a good one overall.  

Monday, April 7, 2014

button covered everything

we now have these hippo and alligator magnets alongside my kiwi bird magnets holding up all our other wedding invitations, baby announcements, greeting cards, and other random items on the fridge.  i originally entertained the idea of making a large number of these, but quickly realized the linen fibers were too thick for these button covers, and as a result I wound up with many frayed edges and some very sore thumbs.

since i already had dug out a bunch of fabric and button cover supplies, i went ahead and made these ridiculously large paper clips as well.   i once again went with my kiwi bird parade fabric  (since a single bird fits so nicely on these buttons) and some marimekko fabric.  

then i decided to make a set of thumbtacks with some of my linen hedgehog fabric that also proved very difficult to use-- plus a bunch of other japanese fabric quarters that my mom bought for me many years ago.

although i technically don't really need them, i brought a tin of these to the office and randomly stuck them into my cubicle walls.  i also keep a few of the paper clips on my desk for good measure. 

whatever makes the work day better, right?


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