Saturday, January 5, 2013

ikea expedit wall shelf --> nightstand

my new life left me with zero pieces of furniture.  so as i searched for a place to live in san diego, i simultaneously started collecting ideas for my future home.

being divorced and unemployed pretty much limits my shopping range, meaning places like room&board and crate&barrel are pretty much out.  possibly forever.  luckily, i love ikea, which generally matches most of my design sensibilities without tearing too big of a hole in my pocket.  my room is mostly finished, and i am quite happy with it.  while i am not ready to showcase the full room yet, i will first show you my one "diy" piece: my nightstand.

i can be very particular.  i want things to be just so, especially when it comes to my furniture, something i see and use daily.   i bookmarked several nightstands and except for a west elm nightstand i didn't want to pay for, i had trouble finding something that would fit the bill.  but after looking through what seemed like every product on, i settled on turning the expedit wall shelf into a nightstand by adding hairpin legs.

hairpin legs are my FAVORITE.

aren't they magnificent? !

i bought my 8" legs made to order from and attached them to a white ikea expedit wall shelf and added a two-drawer insert.   if you want to make this nightstand, you'll also need a drill.

i also rust proofed the legs before screwing them on, since i bought the raw steel hairpin legs.  just in case.  i just did a few coats since my nightstand lives indoors (the can recommended something like 6 coats?).  the legs are also available in brushed stainless steel, but i prefer the raw look... which is also slightly cheaper.

i kind of really want a second nightstand, but i don't have anywhere to put it... nor do i really need it.  how unfortunate. 

oh, and before i forget, happy new year! ! 


  1. I love the nightstand - a really good idea and it looks so chic!

  2. The nightstand fits right in! I must admit that hopeless at those DIY pieces of furniture! Happy New Year :D

  3. Great, easy hack! Quick question.

    Did you secure the insert to the wall shelf or does it sit in their fine on it's own?


    1. thanks!
      i didn't secure the insert to the wall shelf. it mostly sits fine on it's own- sometimes it shifts backwards a little but i just push it back out.

  4. Beautiful, I need a tiny coffee table and will make this without the legs:)

  5. Great idea! I've been looking for bedside tables for ages but haven't found anything that looks nice for a reasonable price.
    Planning a trip to IKEA next week to get a couple of these. Thanks!!



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