Thursday, March 18, 2010

a taste of spoonflower

last year i learned about spoonflower, a company that will print your designs onto fabric for you. i was very very excited about this, but as is normal with me, i simply didn't have the time to investigate more. so, i made a mental note, and filed it away for later. i found myself thinking about it again recently, and one evening, as i was busy dreaming about how delicious lotus root is and how it has been ages since i've had any, i was struck with some inspiration. i scribbled on a post-it note and the first draft of a new pattern was created. surprise, surprise, it was a drawing of a lotus root. soon after that, i created a digital image... and before i knew it, i had created a spoonflower account and ordered swatches of my pattern in three different color combinations. i waited semi-patiently, and a couple weeks later, my 8X8 inch swatches came in the mail.

i am quite pleased with the quality. the images are crisp and clear. the only issue i have is with the orange; it turned out a lot brighter than i had wanted, so i'm going to order another swatch (and perhaps a couple more color combinations). the other two color schemes, purple on lilac and green on light blue are available for purchase through spoonflower here. i also have a link on the side bar to the right. i am really looking forward to designing more fabric soon... but until then.... *clearlytangled runs off to buy more fabric to play with*

1 comment:

  1. oh I love this idea! So unique and different. and I can see how youd play and play and play :) thanks for letting us know! xx



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