Wednesday, March 24, 2010

first serger attempt

in january i introduced  the serger i got for christmas (which you can read about here), and promised to share with you my first serged project-  and here i am, keeping that promise. you would think that with such a fun new toy, i would drop everything and serge everything in sight.  amazingly, i did just the opposite.  i've been so busy that i didn't touch the serger again until this month, when i finally sat down and took the time to learn how to thread the machine.  threading was only slightly frustrating, as brother has done a fairly good job with their manual and with the color coded, numbered guide right on the serger.     

i already had a throw pillow case i had sewn earlier this year that had been patiently waiting for me to serge the inside seams, so after i managed to successfully thread my machine, i zipped the edges through. 

 the pillow case is made out of marimekko lumimarja fabric in gold and white tones. it has an invisible zipper.

 eventually i will make a second or even a third one. in my dreams, i have a drawer dedicated to a plethora of beautiful, neatly folded throw pillow covers so i can change them out on a whim.  but. i digress.   

tada. a close up on a finished seam.  it makes me happy, even though no one will ever see it... unless i have guests with boundary issues who decided to dissect my pillow...  hey, it could happen.  



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