Thursday, March 4, 2010

stir fried turkey in lettuce wraps

i have been interested in cooking with fish sauce for quite some time. so a few weeks (or more) ago, i bought a bottle on a whim at a chinese grocery store. coincidentally, i found this recipe shortly after in my jan issue of food magazine. even better, the march food magazine had several more recipes using fish sauce. excellent.

now, i know nothing about fish sauce, but i can tell you that the soy sauce pictured (wan ja shan) is the best soy sauce brand. how do i know this? my mom said so. i hope that is good enough for you, because it's certainly good enough for me. it's the only kind of soy sauce i buy, EXCEPT i do not use it in japanese cooking. the flavor just isn't right. i'm not sure how easy this is to find in other parts of the country, but i'm always able to find it in asian stores in houston.

this recipe is easy and can be found here.
i followed the recipe pretty closely, and used ground turkey as suggested.

the only thing i changed was the amount of ginger. i probably only used 1 tsp instead of the 2tbs listed. i like ginger in very small quantities.



 it is a little messy to eat, but both the husband and i enjoyed it a lot. in fact, the husband promptly gave it a 9 after a few bites, and happily devoured his dinner.

i'll have to remember to keep this on the dinner rotation, especially since the bottle of fish sauce i bought is quite large. i think the mixture could use some diced water chestnuts for some crunch. i'm interested in trying it with ground pork the next time i'm feeling a little more indulgent. also, to reduce the mess, i might serve this on top of a bed of torn lettuce instead of as a wrap, and maybe with some vermicelli!


  1. Yum! this looks great. And on top of vermicelli would be good too, I bet.

  2. looks delicious!! and I think I need some lunch now... :)



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