Sunday, March 14, 2010

cinnamon cottage fever

one of my favorite items to shop for on etsy is jewelry. there is an incredible amount of amazing artisans out there, and i am repeatedly blown away by their talent. the store that i have been most recently ogling over is cinnamon cottage. the jewelry is simple, modern, and whimsical, a combination of everything i love. so, as you can guess, i was delighted when the husband bought me a couple pairs of her earrings for my birthday.

the earrings were adorably wrapped in this little box, with what looks like hand cut and hand written backings. so lovely + charming.

aren't they beautiful? i think they are perfect. exquisite craftsmanship too. 

the woman behind cinnamon cottage is anne ungphakorn, an interior designer from england. what inspires her? things around her: seasons, people, family, and unique moments, like watching a hedgehog rolling himself across the street. having just had my first hedgehog experience in new zealand, i completely understand the charm of that kind memory.

when she's not busy transforming metal into beautiful pieces of jewelry, she occasionally experiments with combining a mix of precious with unusual materials, as seen in the photo below. her other hobbies include drawing and watercolor.

how fun is this mr. hedghog necklace? don't forget to check out more of her items in her shop HERE.


  1. beautiful! you are a lucky little lady :) xx Happy Birthday to you!!

  2. Very cute! I haven't yet dipped my toe into the etsy pond but I love so many things!



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