Monday, July 14, 2014

stitchfix three - july 2014- another fail

i'm not going to lie.  after my last stitchfix, i greeted the latest box with more fear than excitement (if you're unfamiliar with stitchfix*, check out my post about my first one here.)i was almost afraid to look at the pile when i opened it. but look-- so colorful and prettily tied with a sash from one of the items.   

in this fix, i received a pair of earrings, two blouses and two dresses.   unfortunately, i forgot to take a second look at the prices, and i'm not entirely sure i remember them correctly:

pixley- fantasia rhinestone deco earrings-$32 (or $36?)
ark n co- silvie floral beaded detail dress- $68? $78?
creative commune- rye floral print short sleeve blouse ~ $64?
skies are blue- moraga cut out detail blouse ~$48?
papermoon- waters diamond print maxi dress- $78

but before i get into it, i first want to apologize for not offering a fashion show with this post.  i wanted to. i really did. i set up the tripod, i set the timer, but the camera and i were just not getting along. it was just one of those days, i hope you understand.  

i had mix feelings about these earrings. i think i could almost like them-- and they actually looked reasonable on, from a distance, with my hair partially covering them.  so basically, i guess i don't like them at all.  they were just too large and gaudy for my taste.  

i tried on the ark n co dress first.  i liked the warm pink color, but was pretty certain the cut would be unflattering on me... and i hated the beading detail on top.  like a lot.  i actually specifically noted in my profile that beading was a no-no.  as i suspected, it was a little too large, and not that great of a fit overall.   it reminded me of the dress i disliked so much from my last box.

the creative commune blouse was flat out too large.  i was pretty much swimming in it, not to mention that i didn't like the print, and the colors were so intense... reminded me of an andy warhol print actually.  i didn't even have to think twice about this one.  

initially i thought this skies are blue blouse had potential.  however, i found the material scratchy and uncomfortable, even though it fit well.  i also couldn't get past the cut outs in the front.   i'm not opposed to cut outs, but these were just too large and too many and it just didn't look right on.  

at this point, i was worried.  the last item i tried on was the maxi dress. the color was fine, i liked the print ok.  i have actually wanted a maxi dress for a while, but i don't own any.  the material is soft and stretchy, and i was also pleased to find that the length was perfect.  i had anticipated it to be at least 5-10" too long, but it seems this one was cut for petites.  

but i wasn't sure.  something felt off, and i couldn't put my finger on it.
i went back and forth between yes and no about a 53 times. i texted pictures to my girlfriends.  i asked bffbf no repeatedly what he thought. something felt off about the dress, and ultimately i decided that the dress is too frumpy, and the $78 price tag certainly did not help.  i do have referral credit, which would soften the blow, but in the end i decided i'd rather lose another $20 than shell out additional cash to cover the rest on a dress i don't love, and quite frankly only looks okay on me... and ages me significantly.  which leads to the question, why does stitchfix keep sending me FRUMPY CLOTHES?  there is nothing in my profile that says, "please dress me like a my great-aunt mildred".  i'm bewildered, really.

so another fail, another $20 referral credit gone, and i am really disappointed. i am actually pretty ready to give up stitchfix* completely, but i do have some referral credit left, so i might as well give it another go, right?  

maybe the next box will be a hit, but honestly, i am not holding my breath. 

*leads to a referral link if you'd like to help support my fashion roulette habit.


  1. Thanks for such an honest post!!

    Do you have a review of Vain Pursuits? It's kind of like Stitchfix but for beauty products. I'd love your honest opinion.

    1. i'm glad you found this helpful! actually, i've never heard of vain pursuits. i'll have to take a look and see what it's about!



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