Friday, May 16, 2014

stitchfix two - may 2014

on saturday morning, i found my second stitchfix box on my door step, and immediately busted it open to see what i received.   if you're unfamiliar with stitchfix, check out my post about my first one here.

my initial reaction was good. i had requested items with lots of color, and my stylist was definitely paying attention.   i also had requested dresses and a moto jacket, so i felt pretty pumped when i skimmed the product style cards that were included.

this is what came in the box, in order of appearance (below):

moon collection- steph sleeveless belted floral dress~$58
under skies- bria floral shift dress ~$48
evolution by cyrus- beyonce french terry asymmetrical jacket~$88
c. luce- mike floral print fit & flare dress ~$68
under skies-abbie pintuck button-back blouse ~$48

before trying on this dress, i thought maybe i could like it, despite the rather bohemian print.  it certainly wasn't something i would typically pick out, but i tried to be open minded.  however, once on, i felt chubby and unattractive.   although you can't see it in the picture, the back part of the dress was too loose and baggy.

i hated this under the skies dress at first sight.  while i am more than happy to wear a floral print, this one reminded me of an old lady's wallpaper, and looked something that my mother would wear.  i love my mother, but she's not the most stylish of ladies.  however, i dutifully tried on the dress, and my stylist was right about one thing-- it was a flattering cut, and fit quite perfectly.   bffbf actually quite liked it, but in the end i just couldn't get over how much i disliked the combination of the print and the cut of the dress together.

i really liked this jacket.  i am a huge fan of white and grey, especially together, and it fit well.  however, style-wise it was too sporty, and i was looking for something more feminine that i would actually wear frequently.

this mike floral dress was okay. the fit was about right, maybe only slightly too tight, and i liked the color.  but once again, the style was just off somehow... even though i realize that this floral print is somewhat similar to the print of the blouse from my first fix that i loved... yeah. i don't know what to tell you.  i just felt like this dress was either too old or too young for me-- i couldn't decide which.

the abbie blouse had potential.  i wasn't that big of a fan of the pleats + the lace cut out + the button back together (seemed too busy), but style wise it was acceptable.  i still wasn't over the moon for it though, and unfortunately it was just too loose and made me look too shapeless and chunky.   i may have kept it if it was a size smaller.

needless to say, i didn't keep anything in this stitchfix, and lost the $20 styling fee, although luckily i have a couple referral credits.  i am pretty sure i'll try the service again, maybe in july or august, and see what happens!  overall it was still fun to get the fix, even if it was disappointing that i didn't end up keeping any of it.  fingers crossed for next time!!


  1. Too bad you didn't find anything you liked this time! I also got the Moon Collection dress in my Fix this week and it look terrible on me! Check out for a good laugh about that dress. It made my hips appear as wide as a train! Hopefully we both have better luck next time :)

  2. Thanks so much for your review of this dress! I have it **right now** and absolutely adored it off me. On me the back is exactly as you describe. I thought it was just me! :)

  3. sorry forgot to mention it was also the Moon Collection dress!



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