Tuesday, February 18, 2014

my very first stitchfix: february 2014

first naturebox, now stitchfix-- i'm just trying all kinds of things aren't i?
i first heard of stitchfix a couple months ago, and since i've been grumbling for years that i need a personal stylist, i decided it was a service i should try.

to provide a brief overview, stitchfix is a personal styling service. you fill out a detailed profile online, they send you a box of five items to try on, you pick what you want to keep, send back what you want in a prepaid envelope.  you're charged a $20 styling fee for each box, but that's put toward anything you buy.  if you buy everything in the box, you get a 25% discount (you see how they get you?).  

i initially wanted to receive a box in january, but the first available date i could choose for my shipment was in february -- it seems they've been overwhelmingly popular lately!

i inadvertently "cheated" and saw the list of what i was receiving by logging into my account before i actually received the package... and then once i saw what i was getting, i started a mad hunt across google trying to find images of my items.  i know. i know.  i shouldn't have done that.

i was immediately concerned about the prices (see below) and the fact that i was receiving two pairs of pants. i had requested a pair of skinnies but i was also hoping for a dress.  anyway, i could only find images of 2 out of the 5 items online , and i was still bouncing with excitement when my package arrived.

the clothes come tissue wrapped with a personal note and style cards that give you an idea of what you can wear the pieces with.

this is what came in my box:
sweet rain isaac floral print tab-sleeve blouse - $48
carlsbad lace detailed sleeveless blouse - $58
dear john kelli slim bootcut jean - $68
kut from the kloth danny (jennifer?) 5-pocket knit pants - $78
zad kayla metal teardrop earrings - $32

the sweet rain isaac floral print tab-sleeve blouse was one of the items i managed to find an image of online, and i knew already that i was going to love it.

in recent years, florals have been sparse in my wardrobe, and this is a great piece to incorporate into it.  the size was right-- at most a tad looser than it should be, but a size smaller may have been too tight around the bust.

in this picture, i'm also wearing the kut by the kloth danny knit pants. the tag actually says 'jennifer ultra skinny', so maybe the subbed in the style for something practically identical.  these pants fit fantastically, and i was a HUGE fan, despite the hefty price tag.   it was, of course, too long, but i thought they looked fine scrunched up.

next i tried on the carlsbad lace detailed sleeveless blouse with the dear john kelli slim bootcut jean (which is actually more of a light orange than a deep orange-red in person).  my stylist, connie, suggested wearing the two together.  i appreciated having items in my box that could be paired!

before i actually put them on, i had serious doubts that i would be able to get them to button.  but amazingly, other than the length, they fit perfectly.  i wasn't sure how i felt about the bootcut, and i wasn't entirely comfortable with how my thighs and butt looked (larger).

the blouse was a little looser than i would have liked, and while i really loved the lace detail on the back, and on the side (i guess i didn't get a shot of that!), i wished that it had a little more shape.

the last item i was sent was a pair of earrings.  the hammered tear drops were exactly the kind of earrings i would pick out myself, and i have recently been finding myself in need of more earrings. i  seem to have randomly lost pieces here and there in the past year.

i had expected that i would at most like one item. or... i would like several items, but they would look bad on me/not fit.  however, i found myself facing a situation where i wanted to keep every item in the box.

naturally, i agonized over the decision for a full two days.  i emailed pictures to four girlfriends and asked bffbf to weighed in.   everyone voted that i keep the whole box, which would come out to $198 taking in account the 25% discount and the styling fee refunded.   i dithered back and forth, because while i did really like the carlsbad blouse and the orange pants, i actually have quite a bit of navy and orange in my current wardrobe-- and even with the discount, i wasn't sure i liked the fit enough of either item to warrant the price.  my decision was further complicated when i found the exact pair of kut by the kloth pants on amazon for $50, which was still a better deal even if i bought all five items.

life is hard.  i know.

in the end, i decided to order the pants on amazon, and keep the isaac floral blouse and the earrings, and sent back the carlsbad blouse and the orange jeans.  they were still a good 10-20$ more than i normally spend on my clothes, but i mentally rattled off a bunch of wild justifications, one being needing new clothes for the (chinese) new year.  

i updated my profile and submitted my feedback indicating the style and fit selection was pretty much spot on, but the price point needed to be worked on.  while i can't really afford to have a fix every month, i think i can  and will swing a 4-6 a year (if i can exercise some self restraint).

if you want to try this service and simultaneously support my new habit, i shamefully beg you to use my referral code here!!


  1. Well, you did it now. I signed up for a box - should be linked to your reference code. Will get it in March. If I end up loving this service, I'll be in trouble!

  2. judy you are THE BEST!!!! let me know what you get in your box. i hope you will love it.



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