Wednesday, October 1, 2014

stitchfix four - august 2014- goodbye, forever.

somehow it is october, and i am sorely behind on my blogging. i've been QUITE busy with life, but even though i didn't post a review right when i received my last stitchfix, i did manage to take pictures of the contents in box #4 (see my stitchfix 1 review for more information about this service).

after the last two disappointing boxes, i decided to request a different stylist.  my profile was already pretty detailed and specific, but i tried to make it even MORE so, hoping it would improve the contents of my next box.   for this fix, i requested dresses and tops that would be suitable for a photo shoot, with a focus on jewel tones.

in this fix i received:

under skies- jorja mini dot striped fit & flare dress- $58
susan monaco- edina scoop neck tank dress -$184
41 hawthorn- brydon twisted seams striped tank -$48
fun2fun- sonoma striped sleeveless top- $38
renee c- edmondo stud detailed split-back blouse- $48

i felt pretty lukewarm about the dress when i pulled it out of the box.  the pattern and colors weren't very interesting, and once i put it on, it was obvious that it was far too large on the top.  

the cut of this dress had promise.  i like fit and flare dresses, and with the exception of it being a tad more snug around my torso than i would have liked, i thought it was pretty cute.   

until... i looked at the price, which was $184, way WAY above my listed price range in my profile.  there wasn't even a chance that i'd shell out that kind of money for a jersey knit dress.   it wasn't that special, and i have no idea why the stylist even put this in my box.    

 moving on to the tops, the 41hawthorne tank was really soft and comfy and was kind of cute.  but, i thought it was on the large side, not particularly flattering, and not worth $48.    i also wouldn't want to wear something  this casual in a photo shoot.  this is more like something i'd wear for grocery shopping or maybe some casual outdoor outing?  

 the fun2fun top has an elongated round back which gave it some flare.  the material was also sort of sheer and scratchy, but the fit was decent.  i also wasn't particularly fond of the shade of orange used.  normally orange is my absolute favorite color, but something about this one (perhaps paired with the navy) was off-putting for me.   

when i first saw the split-back blouse, i was annoyed that it had mini gold studs all around the collar and down the back.  once it was on though, i decided they weren't that bad, and i kind of liked the idea of them. 

unfortunately, the cut of the front wasn't great.  at all.  it made me look bigger than i really am, and i felt really meh about it.   

the back however, was kind of cool, and i was sort of into it for a few minutes (i know. a few minutes is a long time.)

until i noticed some manufacturing flaws.  see how the studs are crooked at the collar? the fabric must have caught when the studs are were being... studded on. 

the studs on the front were an even more noticeable mess.  this was CLEARLY a return.  i briefly debated asking for a replacement, but after thinking about it, i really wasn't into the top, especially since it made me look so wide.  

once again, i was pretty disappointed with my box.  even though some of the items were okay, i still think the stylist missed the mark despite my detailed profile.  because i still had some stitchfix credit, i decided that instead of losing the $20 styling fee by not getting anything, i would just go ahead and keep the fun2fun orange/navy striped top.  i really didn't like it much (still don't), but i decided it was time to give up on stitchfix altogether--- and just use up my remaining referral credits.  i wound up paying something like $3 for the tank.  i figure it's worth at least $8, so i sort of won with that one.

so there you have it.  my 4th and final stitchfix review.  i have a couple friends that have had pretty decent success with this styling service, but apparently it just wasn't in the cards for me.  i really, really, really, wanted to love it, given my hatred for shopping, but... i don't. i just can't.   

out of frustration, i immediately signed up for keaton row, another styling service with a very different model.  honestly, i probably won't write a review on my experience, but currently it is free, and i have had a pretty positive experience so far, in case you want to give it a try.  

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