Tuesday, May 27, 2014

paper flowers

these days i seem to make crafting a pretty low priority.  i always seem to be busy doing something else, mostly just the everyday ho-hum tasks of life with fun and relaxation splattered in wherever possible.

but one recent afternoon, i found myself playing around with the silhouette studio (software) with no particular agenda.  after a few minutes of fiddling with basic shapes and the welding feature, i created simple flower petal and stamen shapes, and went on to mass produce a bunch of paper flowers in vibrant colors.  

the text weight paper i used from paper source was quite perfect for this purpose.

my machine wigged out a couple times, and didn't always make very clean cuts on my petals and even destroyed some sheets of paper entirely-- possibly because of the dulling blade or the no-longer tacky mat... or both.

that was  a tad frustrating.  luckily i could hide most of the poorly cut edges within the layers.

once all the petals and stamens (did you know that the plural for 'stamen' can also be 'stamina'? strange, no? i thought so.) were cut, i curled the edges up before gluing them together layer by layer with a glue stick.

so simple! all i needed was paper, a glue stick... and a personal cutting machine.  *wink*

i chose to take these to work to decorate my cubicle, and stuck a couple on my monitor, and the rest all over my back wall.

it's no wonder that my colleagues think i'm like, five years old.  it probably doesn't help that i wear clothes with safari animals on them and they overheard me singing the 'yummy yummy' song while i was eating lunch the other day.        

i think these flowers would also be fun in garland form, hanging straight down from the ceiling.  perhaps with some leaves (my original plan with these was to make leaves, but i got lazy).  oh, and as gift toppers.



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