Monday, May 5, 2014

daiso haul: washi tape

this past weekend bffbf and i decided to do some exploring in socal, and drove up to huntington beach for a short excursion.   it was a beautiful day.

this excursion was most likely a loosely veiled excuse to stop in irvine, not once, but twice, to get our fill of taiwanese food.  the taiwanese food in irvine is infinitely better than it is in san diego, and we enjoyed some quality beef noodle soup, hot pot, and a variety of taiwanese breads, tea and coffee drinks.

we also stopped by daiso, the japanese 1.50 store, and brought home an armful of random things, including a few rolls of washi tape.  

i really don't know why i stopped at four.   there were at least 10 patterns.  i should have bought them all.

now i must go find something to tape.  like, immediately.

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