Tuesday, May 17, 2011

new fabric

don't ask me what the sign says.  i can recognize two characters in the shop name.  "bird" and "fabric".  i also know that on the far left it says "japanese import fabric".  

one of my cousins kindly took me fabric shopping in taiwan.  we were pressed for time, but we were able to visit a couple of shops on the same street.  the one above was nice and small but full of fantastic fabric.  i really struggled trying to decide what to buy. the choices were endless.  

just down the street from the japanese import fabric shop was a very large fabric store with numerous different fabric vendors.   i'm pretty sure i could have spent hours in there - luckily we had to meet some family for lunch, otherwise i would have lost all control! 

i walked away with (only) four different japanese import fabrics.  


  1. oh wow, you showed restraint! that would be hard for me. great choices though, the hippos and alligators? awesome! :P

  2. What a fun place! My daughter is learning Japanese right now. :)



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