Friday, May 6, 2011

globe trotting: taiwan

several weeks ago, i was talking to my mother on the phone about her upcoming plans to visit taiwan. during our conversation i mentally counted the years it had been since i had last gone with her and spent time with my relatives. it came out to be nearly ten years. i counted again. could it really have been that long?

the years really do go by with a blink of the eye.

so i did what i should have done several years ago. i invited myself to go along.

i had the best time ever.

the food. the family. everything.
here are some photos from my trip. it appears that i forgot to take pictures of taipei, which has become quite the city. as for the food, i think i'll have to save those photos for an entry of their own. most of the pictures below are from outside taipei.

a six person bicycle. loads of fun.

really fat hippos at the taipei zoo. highly recommend this zoo.

now that i'm back, my heart aches for them.


  1. It looks like such an amazing place.

  2. Your photos are just gorgeous. Look at that mist too, it's just like how I imagined it to be! :)

  3. the 6 person bicycle sounds like a lot of fun!:D

    great pics btw.;)



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