Thursday, May 26, 2011

je ju island, south korea

it's getting a bit late to blog about this, so i'll make it brief. after our visit to taiwan, we headed straight to south korea to visit family friends.  our lovely hosts had arranged that we leave immediately to je ju island, an island at the very south.   we spent three days there, exploring the island with a private tour guide/photographer. our hosts had arranged our itinerary down to the T, and so all we had to do was follow. it was a mixture of indulgence (had a couple extremely rigorous massages given by tiny ladies and enjoyed some spa time) and sight-seeing. our activities ranged from seeing an elephant show to walks along the coast, eating tasty korean food, and even a surprise wedding shoot for my parents.  i played bridesmaid, while my parents dressed up as the bride and groom. our friend told me that she had arranged the photo shoot so that my parents could feel like newlyweds again.  how cute is she?  it may be one of the top 10 funniest activities of my life.   while i won't share any wedding shoot photos, here are few others from the trip.    

now the proud owner of this elephant painting.  wish i knew where i put it though.

can you guess how many people this food was for?   six.  SIX!!!  

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