Tuesday, March 29, 2011

craft boston

on sunday, the husband and i made our way boston's seaport world trade center to visit craft boston.  the show runs twice a year, once in the spring and once in the winter.  while i would have hardly called it spring-like on sunday with temperatures still hovering in the 30s and low 40s, at least it was a sunny day, and the show was indoors.  something funny i noticed is, exactly a year ago, we visited the bayou city art festival in houston.  what are the odds?   anyway, the show had about 200 artisans and we easily spent a few hours admiring everyone's work.  it was incredibly hard to walk away without doing serious damage to our wallets, but i managed, even though it still hurts to remember all the beautiful items i had to leave behind.  

i was pretty taken by missfitt's felted accessories. her prices are some of the most reasonable i have ever seen for felted goods. take a look at her site for more.

but my absolute two favorite artisans were bree richey designs and jeung-hwa park

i was immediately drawn to the clean, modern, but whimsical lnes of bree richey's jewelry - and not to mention that both she and her mother were the nicest people, something i could not say about some of the other vendors i encountered.  my favorites were the pebble pendants and the pod and rosebud collection - possibly because they remind me so much of some of my own stationary designs (not sure what that says about me).  i  also really loved this bird pendant, the wing lifts up to expose a teeny pearl egg. so clever!  the husband hinted not so discretely that he'd keep them in mind for future gift ideas. 

jeung-hwa park had the most beautiful wool and silk felted scarves, in a rainbow of colors.  i took a felting class once, some years ago, and have since always paid special attention to felt artisans, but i have never seen any scarves quite as beautiful as these.  i learned from another blogger, betz white (she also has more pictures of her work), that jeung-hwa park's method is known as shibori felting.  she doesn't have a website, but you can email her directly for more information on where to find her beautiful scarves.  i really really wanted one of her scarves, but i couldn't justify the big purchase. maybe one day...  


  1. oh i was wondering what craft boston was all about when you commented on my blog. i mean, i could guess from the name, but it's great to see some of the artists. i know, it's so hard not to buy at these things, especially because you want to support their endeavours and everything is just so unique! i would have had a really hard time walking away from that bird necklace though. what a clever idea and design! thanks for sharing these.

  2. Oh wow! I know of a couple of people who actually went to that show. I am going to have to check into it a little more. Thanks for the sneeks of some of things that were there.



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