Saturday, April 2, 2011

craft FAIL.

my standard weekday breakfast usually consists of one of the following: cereal and coffee, cereal and tea, oatmeal and coffee, oatmeal and tea, banana and coffee, banana and tea.  not a particularly exciting array of breakfast foods, but it does the trick, and i fill my foodie needs during other meals of the day.  however, for the last two three days, instead of my usual mundane regime, i have been eating chewy molasses cookies for breakfast instead. with coffee, of course.

you could say that i'm eating my feelings.  or just eating my craft.  either way, please don't judge me. too much.

since moving here, i've felt a little off, due to all the chaos, and everything else that comes to adjusting to a new city and home.  i still reach for the trash can under the kitchen sink, even though we no longer keep the trash can there.  i still look up the weather by our old houston zipcode before remembering that we're living in a city that's about 40 degrees colder.  most importantly and most disasterously though, is that my craft skills have been...unskilled.  generally speaking, i lump baking and crafting together under crafts (and often cooking too).  i am not that frequent of a baker, but i have always enjoyed it, and usually i am met with fairly successful results.  being sans-job and the apartment being mostly useable space, i decided to embrace my kitchenaid mixer a little more often.  i've been met with mediocre results.   the same thing has occurred with my crafts, things i have been working on haven't quite turned out the way i've hoped (remember the baby shoes?), even projects that should have been easy.

take this plain, brown clipboard, for example.  i had just picked up a pretty sheet of wrapping paper at paper-source, and thought that it would be a perfect (and simple) way to glam it up.  i cut out a piece to fit the board and proceeded to mod-podge the sheet onto the board.  apparently i was being too slow though, because by the time i was finished, i realized that the glue in the middle had dried before adhering to the sheet, but the edges were solidly sealed.  i decided not to fret, and to put a layer on top, thinking that the glue would soak through the sheet and subsequently glue itself down onto the clipboard.  this seemed to work fairly ok, but not without huge bubbles still, so as i tried to smooth them out, i tore a piece of the paper.  i also noticed that there were random dark parts from the clipboard showing through the paper, presumeably from layers that had peeled off earlier when i was trying to readjust the sheet. 

i was frustrated, and also annoyed with myself for botching up something so easy.  after quickly tallying up my recent craft and baking failures, i wondered if i had completely lost my craft mojo.  the husband suggested i just buy a new clipboard. i refused, and proceeded to peel off all the paper, and then wash/scrape off the remaining residue until it was almost like new.   the next day, i started over again.  this time, i proceeded with more caution (and less confidence).  despite my care though, somehow the new sheet i cut didn't fit quite right.  the sheet went on well, nonetheless, but i still encountered bubbles, which i once again tried to carefully push out. instead i managed to tear a hole (again!) smack in the middle of the pattern.  and not only that, there are still these mysterious dark sparks showing through the board.  this is when i gave up and decided i was a loser.  see??
total craft FAIL. 

and when i fail at crafts, i have insatiable urges to do something else, anything else, and succeed.  which is how i came to make molasses cookies.  successfully. so successfully that i have rejected my normal breakfast routine for a new, horribly unhealthy one (temporarily) - cookies for breakfast.

have you ever lost your craft (or whatever your hobby may be) mojo? did you ever get it back?


  1. Oh I have definently had a craft fail or two or... I honestly have to force myself to focus myself on something else just to avoid becoming obsessed. I also have a tendancy to want to succeed at something else like you. The mojo comes back. Eventually :)

  2. Oh no girlfriend! I have had so many baking and crafting fails too. And can compeltely relate to being in a new place without a job. Hang in there!! You can do it :) Everything will go back to normal soon for you! xo

  3. Oh I hope you get your craft mojo back soon! But fails happen to the best of us and you have good reason :)



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