Thursday, March 24, 2011

shoes for the tiny

the craft room is still coming together, but in the mean time i've snuck in some sewing here and there.  these baby shoes are for a friend's baby shower this weekend (my first big social event in boston).  the pattern i used is from, and is really well put together.  

but, to be honest, i am not particularly happy with how the shoes turned out - it can be terribly frustrating to work on something so tiny (absolutely no fault of the pattern maker)!  they ended up being a little wonky. 
i'm hoping my friend won't notice. i'm also hoping the baby won't either. how embarassing would it be if she rejected my shoes?


  1. a baby rejection would be a serious slap in the face...although with the hands being tiny, you may not notice :)

    I think they are super adorable.

  2. I adore these. And I'm laughing quite loudly at the thought of baby rejection with tiny hands. This would be a fantastic houseshoe for the larger footed of us. I've added this project to my bucket list. But first: sewing.

  3. I also laughed out loud at the thought of a baby snubbing your lovely shoes! I think they look great, what a thoughtful gift! x

  4. Aww I'm not a clucky person but those are so cute! :)

  5. these shoes and the fabric are so sweet! it is hard and fiddly to make such little things... i think it looks really good, but i know that we are so critical of our own work and mistakes can be so glaring. funny, when i first saw them, i thought of a kimono and sure enough the pattern says the same. very cute.



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