Saturday, December 4, 2010

ways to rid yourself of 30 yards of felt #2: create embellished cards

after i arrived at my parents house last week for thanksgiving, i had the following conversation with my father:

dad: grandma called earlier. she told me to thank you for the card you sent.  i told her you made it.
me:  you told grandma i made the card?  ... i didn't make the card. i bought it.
dad:  you didn't make it?
me: no... what made you think i made the card? you didn't even see the card.
dad:  don't you make ALL your cards?  i thought you make all the cards you send, that's why i said it.
me:  i make SOME of the cards i send, not all the cards.
dad: ok. well. i guess you can tell her that you didn't make the card next time you talk to her.
me: yeah.. i'm pretty sure she'll figure it out, since it says "carlton cards" on the back.

i don't know why, but our conversation made me laugh.  it really has nothing to do with the rest of this post, but i wanted to share.

anyway, it had been a while since i had made any cards, but i thought that making a felt embellished card would be a fun little project and reduce my weighty stash by .000001%.  YES!!!

i printed the stems + greeting on cardstock first, and then cut out felt circles using my sizzix.  i stacked some of the circles and sewed on buttons to the pieces, forming three flowers, and then glued them on.
btw, the font i used is "babyboston" from

it was terribly sastifying to mesh paper crafting and sewing together again.  so i made more cards. a lot more cards.

original felt stash estimate: 30 yards
last felt stash estimate: 20 yards*
current felt stash estimate: 11 yards*

goal: 5 yards or less
*my estimates are most likely completely wrong.
why am i doing this? see this post.


  1. You're so imaginative! The cards are gorgeous, like a burst of sunshine :D

  2. You are so creative :) What gorgeous work you do! xo

  3. Haha, yeah, Dads are funny that way. Your cards are so gorgeous! Almost makes me want to ditch jewellery making and go play with pretty paper!

  4. that made me laugh! everyone assumes i make everything because i'm always in the middle of making, well, something! then the awkward conversation ensues if i didn't actually make it. thanks for sharing this, it put a smile on my face. and those cards are perfection!



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