Tuesday, December 21, 2010

partially actualized christmas baking fantasies

every christmas i suffer from baking fantasies. i daydream about packing up perfect boxes with a large variety of delicious treats, and promptly becoming the most celebrated and loved person in the office and among my friends. this of course never happens. there usually is way too much going on and the holiday baking dreams fall to the wayside, and i become a slave to my sewing machine.

however, this year i was determined to do something. last year, under the influence of my hopeful delusions, i had purchased a couple of new cookie cutters, that i failed to even remove from the packaging. last week, i decided i couldn't let another whole year slide by without using them... so i made gingerbread men and snowflakes for the work folks using this recipe, (the chewy version). if i made these again, i think i'd add a lot more spice in it, but that's just how i prefer my gingerbread cookies.

aside from the fact that i made a complete mess of my kitchen two days in a row, and i discovered that taking one wilton cake decorating class almost ten years ago does not mean that decorating cookies will be a breeze, i'd consider it to be a moderate success. i packaged them individually in cellophane bags with twisty ties and made little round stickers that said "i hope you like gingerbread. i'm really sorry if you don't. happy holidays!". not quite the elaborate boxes of decadent treats, but as they say, it's the thought that counts, right?

the comments i have received about the gingerbread have been sending me into fits of laughter, mostly because of their cannabalistic references (not that actual cannabalism is funny...). 

take this comment, for example from one coworker:
"i went for the arm first, but then i couldn't stand him looking at me,  so then i ate the head."

and this e-mail from another:
"thank you for the gingerbread man! it’s REALLY good. i ate its' head and will probably save his body for j, or maybe, just save one foot for him."

thank you bakingbites for the gingerbread man + scarf idea.


  1. These look fabulous and you'll laugh when you see my story tomorrow as we were definitely on the same wavelength when it came to decorating cookies :P

  2. they were super tasty.this was my first experience with gingerbread and i have to say, i am now a fan. Thank you clearly tangled for sharing them with us.

  3. too funny. the snowflakes are so pretty, i love how you decorated them!

    happy holidays!

  4. I suffer from similar fantasies! I have to admit I cheated this year and bought pre-made dough *sigh* I'm not proud of it, but some years are just like that I guess! Hope you had a great holiday!



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