Wednesday, November 24, 2010

i grew fungus.

from a box. ON PURPOSE. the soil is made from used coffee grounds. it was SO MUCH FUN. and delicious.

the guys that came up with this idea are geniuses. if you love the idea of growing your own mushrooms (and then devouring them) like i do, you should order a box, pronto.

reasons to love this kit, aside from those already mentioned above:

1. it's mess free. no need to touch dirt, which works out for a priss like me.

2. once they started growing, they were doubling in size daily. i ran to the windowsill every day to check on their progress in the morning and after work. extremely exciting.
 day 2

day 3!!

3. the mushrooms are clean. i didn't need to brush soil off of them, or examine the gills for insects.

after harvesting them, i simply sauteed them on a pan and sprinkled truffle salt on one half, and green tea salt on the other.

they tasted fantastic.

i'm currently nurturing my second batch. fingers crossed that they'll grow.

on a completely unrelated note, happy thanksgiving (or just a happy thursday for all you non-americans)!


  1. This is so cool! I'd love to try it!

  2. Brilliant... so enjoyed this post and featured it on my fb.

  3. That key on the lower left area of your keyboard is the "Shift" key. One uses it to capitalize words. Check it out!

  4. i love exactly how clearly tangled posts blog entries. i would not change a single thing.

  5. this is so cool! loved your blog :) I spent the last half hour browsing through your achives, lol.

    thanks for stopping by my bloggie!

  6. What a cool idea! x

    And booooooooo to your first anonymous commenter.



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