Tuesday, February 11, 2014

paper heart garlands

i'm not particularly attached to the romantic connotations attached to valentine's day, but i am fond of the excess of pink + red, hearts, and chocolate.     

i made a couple paper heart garlands this weekend to festive-fy (not a word you say? it is now) my cube at work. the image above doesn't portray the colors that accurately, but you get the idea.  the other strand is in the front part of my cube.  

i cut out a bunch of hearts in various sizes (and some circles) with my silhouette and sewed them together using pink and white thread.  i really love meshing paper crafting and sewing.

i'm starting to notice that my current silhouette mat is already losing it's stickiness, and my blade is getting dull. they really don't last very long!

do you ever decorate your office space?


  1. I only decorate my office at Christmastime, and then only with poinsettias. But your heart garland looks great :) I am really impressed with the ability to sew on paper...I would've thought the paper would've ripped.

  2. it also makes a very satisfying sound each time the needle pierces the paper!



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