Tuesday, February 4, 2014

naturebox [stay away from the chickpeas]

i stumbled across a groupon for naturebox a couple weeks back, and thought it'd be fun to give it a try.  the deal was $35 for a 3 month subscription, each box containing five snacks of my choosing.  pretty reasonable as it works out to less than $2.50 a bag.

the box came surprisingly quickly--  based on my account information, i thought it would be well over a month before we received our first shipment, but it turned out to be more like a week.  i was pretty excited when i saw it sitting on my doorstep.

for our first shipment, i chose the following:
flax fortune coins
chili lime pistachios
baked sweet potato fries
praline pumpkin seeds
citrus chipotle chickpeas 

but wait...  when i opened the box, i found that the praline pumpkin seeds had been replaced by oat bran dippin' stix because they were out of stock.  this put a frown on my face since i would have preferred to have been notified so i could make another choice!

i was the most excited about the citrus chipotle chickpeas, which i tried immediately...  and i found myself frowning again because they were the chalky and so NOT good.  

DID I MAKE A MISTAKE? was this going to be a box full of yucky snacks?!

luckily, within two days i had opened every package to do taste tests (i could barely exercise more patience than that) and happily discovered that i liked ALL the other ones, particularly the oat bran dippin' stix, so naturebox gets a pass for throwing that in the box in lieu of the praline pumpkin seeds (that i have requested for box two).   bffbf isn't a fan of the flax fortune coins, but i definitely am.   if given a redo, i would order any of the others again with the exception of the chickpeas.

generally speaking i'm pretty happy with this shipment.  it's always fun receiving packages and in this case, trying new things.   it's particularly nice for me to have small-ish sized snack bags in the apartment, as i'm not a particularly huge snacker-  often snacks go bad before i have a chance to polish them off, unless i have the help of bffbf (in which case they'll disappear in a matter of minutes).   i am confident that we'll be able to finish most of box one by the time we receive box two.   i also value that they're 'healthy', and i've enjoyed how they've added some variety in our work lunches.

i'm definitely looking forward to our next shipment. have you tried any routine delivery subscription services like naturebox before?

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