Saturday, November 23, 2013

christmas tree lighting at the old globe

this past weekend we embraced the holiday season by attending the christmas tree lighting at balboa park. i discovered this yearly event by accident while purchasing tickets for the grinch later this season. since tickets were free, there seemed little reason not to go.

i had heard that balboa park is quite beautiful at night, and it really is.  i have previously only visited during the day, and at most twice.

the line to pick up our tickets was amazingly long, but we still got in a good twenty minutes before the program began.  we wandered around before the program began taking a few pictures, and taking advantage of the free popcorn.

the event itself was pretty short, a little cheesy, but still festive and fun. the performance included christmas songs by members of the grinch cast, and fake snow accompanying the tree lighting.  it was definitely catered more to children, and it is likely that we were the only adults there that didn't have any in tow.  

it was a refreshing way to kick off the holidays, and made me all the more excited for the rest of the season!   what kind of holiday festivities are you participating in this year?

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  1. None yet...but this post has inspired me to research any in our area :)



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