Saturday, December 7, 2013

oh christmas tree

over a week after thanksgiving, and i still haven't fully recovered from all the fooding.  oddly, i was more conservative in my pigging out than usual, but i still feel as if i've accumulated an extra layer of fat that i'm not entirely sure i'll be able to shed!

we hosted thanksgiving this year, and it began days earlier with a beautiful brine and ended with a heavy chocolate peanut butter tart.  

because we were a bit too eager to get the christmas season started, we jumped the gun this year and wound up decorating for christmas the weekend before thanksgiving... even though i've previously sworn i'd never do that.  judge me if you will.

we found this fun little pop up tree from target that took less than five minutes to assemble.

whimsical and fun, it fits nicely in our living room next to the fireplace that we've chosen to block with a tv.  i dislike fireplaces. like a lot. judge me if you will (again).

with the addition of a poinsettia and white lights bordering the room,  it may be slightly untraditional but still quite festive!

how are you planning on decorating for christmas this year?


  1. The chocolate peanut butter tart looks awesome. We may put up our tree today but I haven't been able to resist putting up some other decorations already.

  2. I judge you on both counts ;) but only backed by love, haha. I waited until the week after Thanksgiving to decorate, as usual, and I also swear that I won't ever decorate before Thanksgiving--as you used to swear. and I love love love a cozy fire in the winter!!



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