Friday, January 11, 2013

kill that virus with ginger tea

since people everywhere seem to be crazy sick this winter (hopefully you are not one of them), i thought i'd share my favorite home remedy brew that i make when i feel borderline sick, or during a full blown illness: ginger tea.   

this is a seriously intense brew, and is not for the weak... BUT really my opinion.   it's also very easy to make, although you'll need a little bit of time.   

all you need is: water, chopped fresh ginger, and dark brown sugar (or some kind of sweetener)

my friend d- likes to use a tiny piece of ginger.  my great-aunt likes to use several large roots.  i tend to be somewhere in the middle and use one or two medium sized roots.  so really, there is a lot of flexibility in how you want to make this.    

i like to make a lot at once, about 4 quarts, and throw in my chopped ginger into the pot as the water boils.  i also add a couple tablespoons of dark brown sugar, and let it boil. once boiling, i lower the heat down, and let the tea simmer for at least two hours.   the longer you let it simmer, the more intense the ginger will be (and the more effective, if you ask me).   

you can do without the sugar if you think you can stand it, but i have yet to meet a person that can.  

i like to keep the extra tea in a thermos and have a cup or two a day while i'm sick.   i also like to freeze the leftover tea for emergencies.    

do you have any home remedies you like to make when you're ill?


  1. do you peel the ginger roots before adding them?

  2. sometimes i do, sometimes i don't. some of the skin will come off during cooking though if you don't, so you probably should strain it before drinking- totally forgot to mention that!



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