Tuesday, January 22, 2013

baby a's nursery

surprise!  i'm going to be a mommy.

just kidding.

JUST KIDDING.... and i realize that wasn't funny at all.

the truth is my friend a- recently had a baby we'll call baby a-, and today i'm going to share with you her amazing nursery.

what i find most impressive about baby a's nursery is that while it looks like a- hired an interior decorator, she did it all herself.  this room has DIY projects all over it, and it just looks so fabulous.  of course, i think my small contribution to the room sets it above all other nurseries.  see that giraffe standing in the crib?

that's from me.

yes, i know. it's adorable.
here's a closer look at the stuffed giraffe.
clearly the star of the show.

jokes aside, this is a room that is suitable for a baby, yet is also a room that could evolve as the child grows into a pre-teen.  i want to point out all her DIY elements.  like the crib skirt.  and the paint job.  i love the stripes.   

a- handcut the butterflies.  she also printed the drawings out in black and white and colored them.  so cute.

it's the kind of room i would have been stoked to have growing up.  naturally, my room had plain white walls with hideous white curtains that had hideous flowers in unattractive colors... that i chose myself when i was 9. in my defense, i had been reading too many babysitters club books and i was trying to invoke the artistic stylings of claudia.  bad idea.  they are still up to this day.  

a- made the pillows on top of the book shelf.  and the giraffe ottoman.   i really like all her choices of fabric.

a close-up of the bookshelf/bench with her handmade pillows.  

this is the other side of the room with her dresser and changing table.  she made the changing pad cover.

look at this great rocking chair!! a- bought this off craigslist and re-upholstered it herself.  she did an amazing job.   i know this because i very carefully examined all her seams.  they are perfect.

and she made this baby blanket too.  i think the ruffled binding adds a nice touch, don't you?

as if all that wasn't enough, she made this too.  let's look at it from another angle, shall we?

and one final look of the room from the doorway... 

i can't decide which element in the room i like the best.  i'm going to say it's a tie between the chair or the paint scheme.  what's yours?


  1. I love it all! Your friend should really, really enter her pics in my photo contest on www.unique-baby-gear-ideas.com!

    1st prize is $500!

  2. cutest nursery i've ever seen. my favorite part is the striped walls. it will definitely evolve with the little girl as she gets older.

  3. Oh my gosh! I want to live in this room....like now! I so wish I could sew. I think my awesomeness would be 10 times more if I new how to sew.

  4. I love the butterfly mobile, with the butterfly motif echoed on the wall!



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