Tuesday, June 7, 2011

a skirt for summer

the alliums in the boston public garden are starting to bloom.   this past weekend we went to enjoy them, and i went wearing the new skirt i just whipped up.  it was the kind of day that makes you appreciate being alive.

freshly picked has an easy tutorial to follow to make this very skirt.  i didn't follow her tutorial exactly-  the width of my fabric wasn't twice my waist.  i ended up just using what i had left of my marimekko samovaari fabric, which was more like 1.85 times my waist, and was pleased with the amount of gather and flare.  additionally, instead of pulling the elastic taut as i sewed, i did a basting stitch on the edge of the fabric and gathered it (to the same width of the elastic) before sewing it to the elastic.  i found it to be easier than her method, but that's just me.

in case you're wondering, i bought 3-inch wide white elastic and dyed it purple (with liquid rit dye).  the purple didn't come out as rich as i hoped, but still, good enough. 

my hidden pockets in a pale purple. 

boston public garden and commons were swarming with people, including college students with signs saying "free compliments, and hugs upon request".  a tall smiling girl called out to me and said she liked my skirt.     


how do you like to spend a beautiful summer's day?     


  1. that skirt is too adorable!!! and i'm so happy you said allium, because i have been wondering for so long what those are called!

  2. so so classy and pretty! i love the green and purple together, well done dyeing it yourself. breezy beautiful.



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