Monday, June 13, 2011

it's not always fun and games

i'm not exactly sure why, but i take great displeasure from altering my clothes, even just a simple hemming job.  maybe because it's so tedious.  which is why it took me three months to hem these jeans.   despite them being "ankle" length, i still had to take them up nearly two inches.  in my next life i'm going to have longer legs.  or be wealthy enough to have my own live in tailor.   

what are your plans for your next life? 


  1. In my next life I'm going to have a live in masseuse! :D Yep that's what I'd like!

  2. ugh me too! have you heard that saying "asking a seamstress to hem your pants is like asking michelangelo to paint your garage door"... i don't know about that, but i get the sentiment!



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