Sunday, February 6, 2011

double-sided flannel scarf

it wasn't until i was in college and visited europe in the dead of winter that i realized that scarves are more than a fashion accessory. growing up in south-east texas will do that to you. since then, i have amassed quite the collection of hats, gloves, and scarves, and have found them to be functional and nice gifts for friends and family.

recently, i made double-lined / dual-patterned flannel scarves for my parent-in-laws. i had forgotten how nice and soft flannel is, and found it particularly pleasant feeling around the neck. most of my scarves are made of some kind of fleece, cotton, or wool blend- none as soft or cozy as this flannel scarf.

1 2/3 yard flannel pattern 1
1 2/3 yard flannel pattern 2

cut a piece of each flannel to 10.5" (or however wide you'd like your scarf to be, plus .5" for seam allowance). line them up against each other, pin, and sew around the edges with .25" seam allowance.

make sure to leave a gap at one end. clip the corners.

turn the scarf inside out. ladder stitch it shut. iron. top stitch around the edges.


  1. ooh thank you! I actually have some flannel in my craft box that I haven't done anything with. A scarf would be perfect! I have that same black and white checked flannel and a matching red and black. I should combine those :)

  2. ah, flannel. after all the gorgeous posts about tropical waters and sunny beaches, i was beginning to think i was stuck in the wrong season. this cozy scarf (love the two patterns together, btw) brought me right back to reality ;)

  3. Very cute. I think i might bust out my new sewing machine and give this a try. It's seems like a good beginners project.

  4. Looks so chic and cozy!! I love this. Wish I was most talented with my hands so I could make my own for APB :) xo



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