Wednesday, January 26, 2011

sweet bora bora

ah. sweet bora bora. initially i had doubts over the island- surely, the beauty must be much exaggerated? surely, the waters aren't really that blue?

wrong. and wrong again.

yes, bora bora really is that beautiful. and yes, the waters are that blue. my photos hardly do it justice. we stayed at the st. regis, which was luxury and beauty through and through. this is hardly our normal traveling style, but let me tell you, it certainly is something i could get used to...

our overwater bungalow was extremely comfortable, spacious, and pristine. there were moments that i sprawled myself out on the living room floor staring through the glass under the coffee table into the ocean.  

complete with a living room and enormous bathroom

 a private dinner on our deck

there was so much to do and see in a very short amount of time, that we were actually filled with anxiety. we quickly recovered from that, and also managed to make some friends (see the sea turtle on the right?).  the little guy on the left was a shy but curious porcupine fish, and was hanging out right below our bungalow.

it was absolutely amazing.


  1. Oh my gosh, this place is more than breathtaking! I'm so glad you had a great time there. What an unforgettable experience! ;)

  2. I love hotel reviews with room pictures! It almost makes me feel like I stayed there! What an amazing experience! :)



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