Sunday, February 13, 2011

so long, and howdy.

our lives are in boxes.   the next few months will be a series of busy changes, because we are moving.  not just across town to a new apartment, but across the country to (outside) boston. 

this decision did not come about lightly.  while i am incredibly excited about our next life stage (a little hard to tell at the moment), it's also really difficult to leave.   we are leaving a lot behind, and i am beginning to realize that i will miss a lot here.  i will no longer be able to meet my parents for dinner on the weekends. i will no longer be a mere ten minutes drive to my best girlfriend's house.   boston has zero central markets, and their chinatown certainly can not compare. we will no longer be able to bike to our favorite brunch cafe on sunday mornings, nor will we be smack in the center of town.  

we have spent the last month juggling packing, finding housing, and meeting friends and family for final farewells. we said goodbye at our jobs.  it confounds me that i will no longer be seeing and talking to my coworkers and bosses daily- if you think about it, most of us spend more waking hours with the people we work with than our own families.   

with these somewhat somber thoughts...
so long, texas.  howdy, massachusetts!


  1. Wow. What a move. I read your blog and enjoy it. . . So when I read this post I was hearing some deep sadness and some excitement too... I lived in Cambridge (MA) for several you explore New England try Ice Cream in every town...I know you are moving from teh south but New Englanders LOVE ice cream. And my favorite resturant in all of Boston is Picco. It's a pizza and ice cream place in the South End. If you get a chance. Good luck with your move!

  2. WHAT?! i'm in shock right now! i want to hear more about this, missy.

  3. wow, quite the move! i hope that long blue line is a smooth and happy transition for you all.

  4. @ one and doll: thanks for the restaurant rec! i'll have to check it out if i am ever in the area. eating is my specialty.

    and thanks ana!

    faith... i still owe you a story. oops.



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