Saturday, January 8, 2011

runaway elf!!

MISSING: small christmas elf
physical description: adorable smiling finnish elf in red, donning a traditional red pointed hat.  he is approximately 2.5 inches tall (to the tip of his hat). he enjoys the smell of spruce trees and sipping mexican hot chocolate. 

last seen: hanging out on the christmas tree with his other elf buddies.  he went missing while all the others were preparing for their 11 month hibernation. elf in question most likely ran away, grieved by the idea of once again leaving his happy christmas home, however, elf-napping is also highly plausible. 

please contact me, clearlytangled, should you run across an elf fitting this description.  it is likely he is enroute to the arctic circle in finland, where santa lives, and christmas trees are up year round.  he answers to the name, "tonttunen".  his safety is of utmost importance!!!


  1. Oh no! Just know that I'm hoping for a safe recovery. Cuteness like this should never be lost!

  2. Aww he's so cute and I love his name too! I'll keep an eye out for him! ;)

  3. Oh dear....I spoke to his cousin and he hasn't seen him either.



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