Thursday, November 11, 2010

ways to rid yourself of 30 yards of felt #1: make a 2X eco-coffee sleeve

for my first trick, i present to you the 2Xeco coffee sleeve tutorial.

in case you're wondering, my 30 yard stash of felt is eco-fi felt, which is made from recycled plastic bottles- thus the double eco-ness of this project.

for this sleeve you'll need:
- 1 disposable coffee sleeve for your pattern
- two pieces of colored felt
- thread
- buttons
choose the felt color you want for your primary top color. i chose orange. open up the disposable coffee sleeve, and trace around on the felt. cut pattern out. do the same for the bottom piece, except cut it a little bit wider than the pattern.
pin + sew together (this can also be done by hand if you don't have a sewing machine).
fold coffee sleeve pattern back together- and use it as a guide to make sure your coffee sleeve is the right size. pin, and then hand sew the two ends together with buttons.

as a side note, not only do i have a lot of felt, i also have a lot of buttons.
luckily, they are easier to store.

throw it in your purse. keep it in the car. tuck it in a drawer at work. make fifteen and give them as gifts this holiday season. if you have as much felt as i do, you could probably make a thousand.

original felt stash estimate: 30 yards
current felt stash estimate: 20 yards
goal: 5 yards or less

why am i doing this? see this post.


  1. super cute...are you selling them? I don't have any ecofelt. email me at

  2. ooh they are SO cute! So much nicer than the paper sleeves!

  3. Felt is fun. Felt is fabulous. I love felt projects. Let's see more!

  4. THE BEST!!! Love this, so fun and unique and easy!!! xoxox

  5. great use of felt.. the buttons are the perfect touch.

  6. so cute! I must try this sometime :)

  7. oh i remember this. the aqua and orange just pops! very cute buttonage (i'm pretty sure i just made that up). that photo of the jar of buttons just makes me want to dip my hand in and swirl them about.

  8. splendid color combo ... thank you for sharing the pattern
    the buttons really add that certain something

    something tells me your creativity will keep you plowing through your felt and buttons in no time

  9. I like Ana's 'buttonage' word!
    This is such a bright and happy project. I should get me some eco felt!
    p.s. found this post on Ana's Archive Dive post :)



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