Tuesday, November 16, 2010

lotus root fabric wall panel

i finally decorated the barren wall in my craft room with this:
here is a tutorial i wrote a while ago. i used a larger version of my lotus root fabric in orange (i made this panel with the hope that one day i will have white walls).
a couple notes...
no overlocking the edges this time... just tucked the fabric under for a neat seam.
the husband drilled a hole for hanging.


  1. Oh it's gorg girlfriend! Such a lovely punch of colour :)

  2. What a colourful way to brighten up a room! :D

  3. this is so funky. i love all the orange you use around here. is it a favourite colour? my entire kitchen is orange, and i love it.

  4. ana, it IS a favorite color. and i love that your kitchen is orange! that is FANTASTIC. i want an orange room. maybe someday...



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