Tuesday, April 6, 2010

a favor, dear reader

i need to ask you for a teensy weensy favor. it's going to sound a little strange, so i'll give you some history first, and perhaps then you'll understand why. or maybe you'll just think that i'm off my rocker. or both.

most people would agree that i seem to be some sort of magnet for misfortune. sometimes they are just small, irritating things. sometimes they are kind of big. you know, like a hurricane hitting our low-risk area home while we're on vacation. or being bitten by a zebra. i could go on for a while.

but i'm really here to talk about the afore mentioned, little, irritating things in life that get me down. the small misfortunes that seem to happen far too often to be a coincidence, and seem more like a curse.

like most people, when we got married, we registered for housewares that we hoped to keep around forever. we registered for standard things, which were apparently laced with bad luck....

iittala is one of the famous finnish housewares design companies that i am absolutely in love with. i was totally in love with their kolibri wine glasses, an iittala classic, designed in 1975. i loved the clean lines, classic shape, and subtle beauty of these wine glasses. but, shortly after we registered for them, they were discontinued (or actually, the particular style +size we had were discontinued). luckily, we managed to get all the pieces we wanted, ten red, ten white. it was a close call.

we also registered for villeroy and boch "mira" plates. the asymmetrical, wavy shapes were whimsical but still simple and beautiful. i imagined serving fancy meals on them to fancy guests with our perfect glassware. stupidly, we thought we could take our time to collect this set, as we wanted to keep a standard of ten settings (we had received a few sets as gifts). after all, china is a luxury, and we currently don't do a great deal of entertaining. to my dismay, i figured out much too late that villeroy and boch discontinued the line, and despite my valiant searches all over the place, i was only able to get an incomplete set of eight. i am still missing a dinner plate. and let me tell you... that. bugs. me. a. lot.

worried that the flatware (oneida icarus) we so carefully picked out would suffer from the same, tragic fate as our dishes and our wine glasses, i rushed out to buy another set of them. it had been on the "to do in the future list" anyway, and i decided that the future was, in fact, now. i was relieved to find that they were still available. except... they looked completely different than the ones we already had. ok, not COMPLETELY different. however, the flatware was visibly thinner, and the handles less round and poorly finished. on closer inspection, i saw they had changed their manufacturing location, and the flatware design that i had fallen in love with was now completely unacceptable.

around this time, my favorite japanese restaurant closed their doors forever (i did manage to find another favorite japanese restaurant, although recently i have heard they have changed owners and menus... don't get me started).
are you starting to see a pattern here?

and then, as if matters could get worse, post discontinued my favorite cereal- grapenut Os. if you never tried this cereal, i will be the first to admit it kind of looks like dog food. but made of barley and wheat, it was crunchy, slightly sweet, low fat, low cal, and filling. i loved it. i mean, really loved it. the day i realized they were discontinuing them was a bad one. the husband kindly visited no less than 7 grocery stores with me (and some on his own- you see why i married this man?), hunting for the last boxes of this cereal. i think we managed to get somewhere between 9-`12 boxes, which i slowly rationed out over the course of several months.

i was so sad.


... ... .

you really have no idea how sad i was.

until we were at the grocery store recently buying cereal. i was once again lamenting over the loss of my grapenut Os when i chanced across a box with a suspiciously familiar looking cereal on the front. i looked closer... it looked just like my grapenut Os. except the box was different. and the name was different. they were called post classics toastie Os. but it was MY cereal. i was certain of it. so i promptly bought two boxes and it made my day. week. even right now, as i type this, i am filled with excitement. because, it is absolutely, most definitely, THE SAME. sometimes the small things in life get you down. and sometimes, it's the small things in life that make you super happy.

i am elated. but you see, i am also worried. i have a sneaking suspicion that this may be a temporary comeback. post advertises:
"post toasties is a classic cereal from our history of post products, as one of the first cereals launched byc.w. post."
maybe i'm being paranoid, but it sounds a little ominous when i read "a classic cereal from our history of post products". sounds to me like a temporary comeback. so i've begun buying several boxes at a time. you know, just in case the worst happens.

oh, so, back to my favor?

um. do you think you could, dear, sweet, sweet, reader, try this cereal if you haven't already? just to boost their sales a little bit? so that they won't want to pull them off the shelves? ever? so i don't have continue my efforts to find a new favorite cereal (which, btw, i never did find one in the 2-3 years grapenut Os were off the shelf)? perhaps, you may find that this is in fact, also YOUR favorite cereal, and you just never knew it? win-win, right? and maybe, just maybe, this will break the "discontinued product curse" that seems to be plaguing my life.

thanks. you're the best. xxx


  1. Wow! I never knew the extend of your misfortune. If I ate cereal, I would totally try Toasties for you.

  2. I would love to pick up this cereal...just for you! ;)

  3. LOL you are too funny! I thought you were going to ask us to look out for the original Oneida cutlery!

  4. HAHAHA I thought the same as Lorraine :) hehe I have never even tasted this cereal but I might have to now that you brought it up hehe smile my friend!! xx

  5. If they sell it in the UK, I'll buy it! x



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