Wednesday, July 21, 2010

PS, i love you

houston just got 100 times better.
maybe even 1,000 times better.
and why, why is that, you ask?


a paper-source just opened in highland village. when i received the flier in the mail, i screamed (a happy scream).

i love paper-source. i have been an avid fan for years, since i discovered it in 2004, and have since been dreaming of the day that they open one in houston (or helsinki). i've been ordering paper and paper-related supplies with them ever since i found them online. i ordered all the paper from both of our weddings from them, not to mention all the other orders i made subsequently for various crafts. needless to say, i have spent an embarrassing amount of money at this place, and also make it a point to visit various locations when i happened to be in a city graced by a real, live, store. a seriously great tourist destination!  not to mention the customer service in-store, via e-mail, and by phone has always been superb.

and now it's finally here!

perfect timing, i'd say, because i've been scratching my head wondering what i could get my friend for her birthday. i wanted to give her something handmade, but i was lacking inspiration until my first visit to the new store.

i managed to leave the store with only one item: a container of PVA glue. when i walked up to the checkout counter clutching my bottle of PVA, the store clerk pleasantly asked me if i was planning on book-binding.

"oh no", i responded excitedly. "i'm going to make notepads!"

she replied with an equally enthusiastic statement, with no hint whatsoever that my excitement toward adhering stacks of paper together was just a tad over the top.

i found this super easy project on the how-to section on their website, and i had been waiting for an excuse to try it. clearly, the opening of the store was a sign. clearly, notepads were the right handmade gift for my friend's birthday. she just didn't know it yet. i personalized the notepads with my own graphics and variations of her name (initials, first name, first and last, title+ first and last), and separated the variations with a solid sheet of colored paper (a la paper source). i upcycled some cardboard for the backings.

i have a lot more glue left. which can only mean one thing... more notepads!

paper source
houston highland village
4016 westheimer road
houston, tx 77027
oh, and they are having their grand opening event this saturday. read more about it here.  maybe i'll see you there.


  1. I LOVE the Paper Source!!!!! I am totally addicted to paper and pretty envelopes.

    Your notepads are the best! I want to make some of my own.

  2. I wish we had there here! I'm paper mad too! I love a good flocked paper especially! :D

  3. oh that's a dangerous place! the possibilities!! :)

    your note pads are adorable.

    ~ ana

  4. I'm going to have to check and see if we have Paper Source here. What a fun place!

  5. I found a cool store like this in Brighton when I was just in the UK. I did not want to leave! So many notebooks, so little room in my suitcase.

  6. oh yes, i remember this! thanks for sharing it with us :)

  7. It is physically painful to look at the photos with this post. So beautiful! So far away!



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