Thursday, July 15, 2010

handmade baby shower favors

in preparation for an upcoming baby shower, i got together for an afternoon with the mother-to-be and the hostess (the talented scrappy bug) to make the favors. we planned on making duck shape soap "bathing" in tubs, and packed in pink take out boxes.

the soap was an easy process, made from soap blocks that only required melting, adding fragrance, and pouring into molds. the part that tickled me the most was the craft is self-cleansing. definitely a plus. we had trouble finding adequate soap molds at michaels, so we turned to the candy making section and found little duck molds.

the paper bathtubs were made from the hostess' cricut. one of these days i may have to get one; it is one of the neatest things i've ever seen in the craft world. we cut two tubs per box, attached a strip of cardstock on the bottom between them, so that we could put the "water" (crumbled blue tissue paper) and the soap ducks sitting upright inside.

all the components were tucked into the box, and sealed with a pretty strip of scrapbook paper, with little thank you labels created with a stamp and fiskar punches.
we stacked all the boxes on a cake stand, ready to go for the shower (still to come!).

too fun, and too cute! it took us nearly four hours, but what a great way to spend four hours. so tell me, reader, what is your idea of a fun afternoon with friends?


  1. Oh I just adore this! I was thinking of doing these little container for our dessert bar but in a brown paper colour. I am torn between the containers and brown paper bags! But these are just adorable. I love them! :)

  2. These are just darling. Perfect for a shower! ;)

  3. this is the third time i've visited this project here, and i'm finally able to leave a comment! (nothing you did, i just had interruptions on this end!)... this really is adorable. the little details (crunkled paper for water! the tag!) are what makes it special. and some may think it's over the top and who has time for this etc... but really? how often do baby showers happen? way to make it an extra-special event with these thoughtful favours.

    ~ ana

  4. Thank you for making my baby shower extra special with an afternoon of pure fun!! You and Scrappy Bug are amazingly talented and creative.

  5. Ducky soap idea is cool for shower favors and everyone likes this favor.Pooh Baby Shower

  6. I totally LOVE that you used candy molds! What a super clever idea. I'm going to have to use it next time I do favors for a shower. Thanks so much for posting this!

  7. I didn’t you could do something as creative as this! The candy molds were a brilliant idea, I couldn’t think of more creative baby shower decorating ideas for girls. They are just lovely. Love it!



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