Friday, May 14, 2010

ironing board cover tutorial

i have always wondered about the history of ironing. who came up with this painful chore? who decided that having nicely pressed clothes was a necessity? probably someone with too much time and money. regardless, i loathe this person.

like the average person, i hate ironing.  i can't count the number of times i have accidentally burned myself...or ironed my clothes only to discover that they look even worse than they did pre-ironing. so to be perfectly honest, i rarely iron my clothes, and when they really need ironing, often the husband steps up and kindly does it for me. he is much, much better at it than i am.

but even with my active avoidance of clothes ironing, i still spend an exorbitant amount of time standing over my board. you can't escape ironing when you're a sewer; it just can't be avoided. it must be done. because of all this time i spend with my iron and ironing board, i decided to make a new ironing board cover. i was tired of looking at the ugly, semi- burned mess all the time.  besides, what better way to make a terrible chore a little more tolerable?

the materials i used:
- 2 inch double fold bias tape (needed just over 1 package)
- a little over 1.5 yards fabric
i used jessica jones herb fabric. i love her fabrics, and turns out she made a cover too (ok, so it was over two years ago), which makes us ironing board twins! we're also favorite color twins (orange). but i guess that's not as special.
- string (pulled out from my old ironing board cover)

take your old ironing board cover and lay it out over the new fabric, using it as a pattern. my old cover was a tad small for my board (which makes absolutely no sense, since it's the cover the came with the board), so i cut a larger piece around the old one. but if your original cover fits well, just cut along the edges.  lay your string around the border of the new fabric piece, and then pin the bias tape around the edge, every few inches.

close up.

make sure the thread stays away from the edge you're sewing on. the extra thread should be hanging out where both ends of the bias tape ends. this way you don't have to spend a hour violently swearing while trying to pull the thread all the way through. sew the tape on. place cover on your board and tighten.

i've seen another great tutorial where you use the casing of your old board to make a new one. i didn't want to do that- but if you do, take a look here at u-hand's blog.


  1. oh fun stuff!! how about you make one FOR me, gorgeous? haha xo

  2. I really wish I could enjoy ironing more. I try and make it more tolerable by watching my favourite tv shows at the same time but I still don't enjoy it! Very cute ironing board though! :)

  3. Thank you so much for this tutorial. I've been meaning to make a new cover for mine.

  4. This looks so simple. It almost makes me want to iron....almost.

  5. awesome! i kind of enjoy ironing, but i HATE my ironing board cover (which is, like yours, slightly too small) had never occurred to me to change it.



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