Thursday, February 4, 2010 photobook review

the first time i went to europe was the summer after i graduated from college -arguably one of the greatest experiences of my life. i was there for nearly 3 months. afterwards, i decided it was time to try my hand at scrapbooking, as i had taken (in combination with the husband, then known as the boyfriend) something like 2000 photos. a few hundred dollars and 10 months later, i completed an astonishingly heavy album and never made another one again. i'm not saying that i didn't enjoy it. there were just so many other craft distractions, like rubber stamping cards (i was really into that for a while) and my student wallet just couldn't handle it.

since then, my photos have largely been left neglected. i managed to make one more album after our second wedding (yes, we had two weddings. i'm a very lucky girl.) via that turned out quite well. but maybe because i was anal, (i designed it page by page in trial versions of corel draw + photoshop, and when i ran out of trial versions, powerpoint) it took me many months and i never had the energy to make one again, even though i was recommending the company to friends left and right.

fast forward a few years later, has faithfully and frequently sent me coupons through email (thank goodness they didn't give up on me), and last month i received a well-timed 50% off coupon. i say well-timed because we have been traveling quite frequently in the past few years, and i've recently been feeling a little sad that our photos have just been filed away, deep in our hard drives. i've imagined how nice it would be to share memories with other people without having the entire world crowd around a tiny monitor. not to mention that sometimes it's just nice to look at an old fashioned photo album... that actually looks like a professionally bound coffee table book.

so, i decided to combine a year of vacations into one album (much more cost effective), and came out with 91 pages total. the latest software for compiling the photos has improved significantly, with many more layouts and fonts. it still slow down my laptop, but not as much as it did 3 years ago. it also occasionally crashed, but never lost any of my changes. i ordered the classic book (with the book jacket - and YES you want a book jacket) which starts at $34.75 + .99/ extra page. with my coupon and shipping, i spent about $62. a great deal, i think, considering the album contains well over 300 photos.

about a week and a half later, my album arrived in a compact little box and i was ever so pleased- still the good quality i remember our wedding album being. the book jacket is a newer feature that i don't remember existing back then, and i absolutely LOVE it. additionally, despite the fact that it contains 46 pages high quality paper (91 back to back), it is thin, lightweight and beautiful.

i will definitely make an effort to create more of these in the future. in my head, i am imagining a book of trips by year. these also make great gifts for family members and friends. if you're interested in testing this out, make sure you get on's mailing list and wait for a coupon (it'll come fast).

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  1. I have tried mypublisher before, for a family album, and I absolutely loved it. I too was a scrapper (and will continue to be one) but there are just some photos that are meant to be bound and covered in a book jacket :) Great job with the book!



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