Sunday, December 6, 2009

modern kids

yesterday i had the pleasure of meeting another etsian, the owner of modern kids, a super talented lady who also lives in the houston area. she makes absolutely stunning little girls clothes with gorgeous japanese fabrics.

just so there isn't any confusion, let me mention now that i do not have any children. admittedly, i've never even been that interested in having them, so i've never given a whole lot of thought regarding gender preferences. but if given a choice now, i'd want a little girl, just so i could dress her up in these pretty dresses. i'm really not joking.
this one is my favorite:

and this one is super cute too:

her dresses are even more beautiful in real life, super soft, and lined. lined! the craftmanship is really outstanding (can't you tell how in love i am with these clothes?). if you happen to have a little girl, i strongly suggest you visit modern kids. all her clothes are custom made to order. just think how cute your daughter/niece/granddaughter would look in one of these dresses!


  1. Aww such adorable dresses! It makes me want a girl of my own to put them on! :D



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